Get Rid Of PMS Cramps and Inflammation

For All My Ladies…The ‘Miracle’ Pill to combat PMS cramps for good!

Elaina’s Experience Taking Reconstructive Enzymes

“Here is my story about how these enzymes have amazed me. I’ve been taking them now for over a year consistently (about 7 most mornings on an empty stomach). I keep a bottle of enzymes and a glass of water on my nightstand and take them right when I wake up, before I even get out of bed. Then I spend the next 30 minutes to 1 hour sitting quietly and sometimes I even go back to sleep. If I am not sleeping, I am mediating and doing sauna so as not to “disturb” the enzyme process taking effect on my immune system and the rest of my body. Sometimes I feel a warm feeling in my stomach and I imagine them working to cleanse my empty stomach of any mucus, bacteria or pathogens (aka yeasty beasties). Then, I go about my morning and exercise, or whatever I want to do that day. Most day’s I have tons of energy in the morning and do all my fitness in a fasted state (no food) and have plenty of power. The enzymes give me incredible extra energy! I know this because of how I feel after taking them in the morning. Talk about feeling a zest for life! One day, I was fasting on green juice. On that day, around 2pm I felt low energy and hungry so I took a handful of Reconstructive enzymes (go figure!) and the next thing I knew, I was out in our store in the garage, bouncing around, being goofy, tons of energy.  Then, Katelyn pulled out the camera and started filming me while I was talking about all our products (some of the videos are on our store website). I couldn’t believe the difference in how I felt before and after taking them. Amazing!”

What Are Reconstructive Enzymes?

If I could name one thing out of every supplement I’ve ever tried that seems to have the most profound effect on my youthfulness, energy and health, it would definitely be ​Pure Joy Planet’s Reconstructive Enzymes. These have been named the ‘miracle’ pill by one of our customers.

  • To sum up, Reconstructive enzymes reconstruct the body by:
  • Reduce Inflammation and Bloating (especially during your menstrual cycle)
  • Reduce cramping (caused by hormonal imbalance)
  • Improve immune system responses caused by a weakened detox pathways
  • Reduce existence of pathogens in the body (yeasty beasties)
  • Boost recovery from muscle soreness or muscle fatigue
  • Improve overall alkalinity by helping your liver detox naturally
  • Increase energy by flushing out excess fibrin that may be bogging you down.
  • Help joints to move more smoothly and easily (by reducing scar tissue and inflammation)
  • These​ Systemic (metabolic)​ Enzymes are not the same as digestive enzymes.

Here is how our Reconstructive enzymes work

They contain an array of plant based enzymes, and one of those enzymes is serrapeptase (not from silk worms). It breaks down and dissolves fibrin. Fibrin can build up in the body and create cysts, fibroid tumors, female scarring, visible scar tissue on skin, and PCOS.

Reconstructive enzymes also work on the immune system which  can be overwhelmed with bacteria, fungi, toxins and even food particles that don’t get completely digested in the gastro-intestinal tract. In many instances, proteins created by these distresses found within the body, which the body detects as foreign, can initiate an immune response. Recognized as antigens, the immune system produces antibodies to start the process of the proteins’ degradation and removal. After coupling with one another, these antigens and antibodies form circulating immune complexes (CICs), which induce attack and destruction by the immune system’s macrophages (white blood cells specifically designed to destroy CICs). This process is known as inflammation – the body’s natural healing mechanism

In cases where inflammation is prolonged or when CICs are predominant within the body’s tissues and organs, the body may not have enough enzyme potential to begin the next process of renewal and recovery. Moreover, research has demonstrated that a lack of proteolytic enzymes may not cause an adequate response to a large accumulation of CIC’s in the body.

These are best to take on an empty stomach to help clean out undigested proteins, heal scar tissue and maximize healing. They are not intended for digesting food, they work on a systemic level.

Katelyn, PJP’s Operations and Marketing Manager

“I suffer from Crohn’s Disease and fibroids in my colon and since taking 10 enzymes a day for just 2 months, I haven’t had any constipation or fibroid flare ups! Another secret for hormonal women – these are the miracle pill for cramps and bloating. Cramping happens in the uterus during menstruation due to too much inflammation and these enzymes work quickly to soothe the cramping, bring down the inflammation fast. Bloated tummy and feeling fatigued? I pop about 5-6 of these on an empty stomach and within an hour I am back to feeling like myself again.

Plus, they are my secret weapon for my loved ones. Anytime a loved one is feeling fatigued or sore after a workout or stressful situation, I give them 4-6 enzymes and they can’t believe how good they feel!”

Customers Experience

A customer recently called us in shock – “I don’t know what is in those enzymes. This is the first month in years that I haven’t had menstrual related pains or bloating!”

Another customer who is a surfer said that he is usually stiff in the morning after a big surf. On the first morning when he took the enzymes, he had no joint pain and surfed nine extra waves that morning!

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