What is a Keto Vegan/Plant-Based Diet?

Disclaimer: I am not a Dr. nor do I play one on the internet. Always consult with your doctor before experimenting with your diet (seriously, see a functional medicine Dr. and get data from blood tests, urine tests, etc.). Please feel free to comment if you’re aware of anything that should be updated; I always appreciate knowing the science and I’ll update the content promptly. My goal is to help readers get more scientifically educated and improve their health and their lives with as much joy as possible. The purpose of this blog is to educate you on a Keto Vegan Plant-Based Diet.

What Is Ketosis?

Definition: “Ketogenesis” means “generating ketones,” which your body does naturally to generate energy from fat when carbohydrate sources are sufficiently low (e.g., after intense exercise, long periods of fasting, etc.). “Ketogenic diets” are thus a way of switching your body over into a fat-burning state.

The Ketogenic or KETO diet is gaining popularity. Many people wonder if it is possible to adopt a Keto Vegan Plant-Based Diet. I’m here to tell you YES! It is!

What Is A Ketogenic (KETO) Diet?

When we increase our healthy fats and lower our carbohydrates (grains, most fruit, sweeteners, and starchy vegetables) and add in a moderate amount of protein (15 grams per meal), the human brain becomes more efficient. We have more mental cognition, clarity, we lose weight, and have a more balanced energy level.

I’ve been practicing a Keto Vegan Plant-Based Diet without knowing it for 20 years. I started eating this way when I found out I had systemic candida. I was then introduced into the world of cleansing. My candida remedy was to eliminate most carbohydrates and adopt a vegan, high fat, low carb diet. It was successful! I have experimented with this way of eating over the years and have gone off track more than once. This caused me to gain weight, leaving me feeling unhealthy and low in energy. When I would stray too far from what I knew to be right for my body, I knew it was time to get back on track.

Here is what I have learned from eating a Keto Vegan Plant-Based Diet for over 20 years:
· I have REAL sustained energy when I eat and drink plant-based KETO foods
· I can have as much green juice, Keto Coffee, leafy greens and green vegetables I want
· I can have tons of fat and healthy oil and feel amazing
· I don’t miss unhealthy carbs (cake and bread now look like plastic to me)
· I can still enjoy healthy carbs 1 day a week (up to 100g and stay in ketosis)

Who Promotes Keto?

There are many people promoting this type of low-carb, high-fat diet these days such as:

  • Dr. Joseph Mercola, a respected blogger on scientific data, with his new book Fat For Fuel.
  • Jimmy More with his #1 podcast Living La Vida Low Carb and a book called Keto Clarity (warning: very NOT Plant-based and I don’t recommend it).
  • There are many women that are now promoting this way of living, such as Shawn Mynar with her new podcast called Keto for Women. Every day, more and more books and podcasts popping up on KETO.
  • Dr. Gabriel Cousens, MD promotes a low carb, high fat Plant-Based Diet in his book Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine (but it’s not quite low enough in carbs to be considered KETO).

What Is Ketosis?

Ketosis is a measurement of blood ketones where your body is using fat for fuel instead of sugar/carbs. In Ketosis, we become fat burners instead of sugar burners. When your body uses fat for fuel, your body burns fat stores for energy, providing a more sustainable slow-burning energy (like a runner’s second wind when his body burns through its glycogen and taps into its fat reserves for that final push). When your body uses carbs/sugar for fuel, you need to eat more often to keep fueling the fire, and your body never gets a chance to burn its fat stores.

What Is The Benefit Of Eating A Keto Vegan Plant-Based Diet?

  • Your body becomes less acidic as a result of not eating animals and their byproducts.
  • Better bowel movements because you are getting plenty of fiber.
  • Avoid having foul smelling KETO breath and B.O (from eating too many animal products)
  • Have an alkaline P.H. from eating lots of green juices and green vegetables (both raw and cooked)
  • You won’t get sick as often or at all since your body is more on the alkaline side than meat eaters tend to be.

Here’s an outline of what a woman who weights between 120-140 pounds would eat in a day on a Keto Vegan Plant-Based Diet Plan:

  1. Carbohydrates: Between 20 and 40 grams. Consists of all the leafy greens, green and cruciferous low-starch vegetables (raw and cooked) green juices, some starchy vegetables such as carrots, beets, sweet potatoes and squash in moderation, some fruits such as berries, lemons, and limes
    • 20 grams a day is stricter and used by people with hormone imbalances, more weight to lose and brain fog, candida, etc.
    • 40 grams a day is beneficial for people who want to experience the mental clarity and energy improvements plus drop a few pounds in the process.
    • 60 grams a day might be a good place to start if you are a severe sugar burner (eating packaged foods and white sugar and white flours and grains
  2.  Fats: Between 100 and 120 grams a day including coconut, cacao, nuts, seeds, olives (and  any of these products’ butter, oil, and milk).
  3. Protein: 45 grams a day in the form of sprouted nuts and seeds (and their butter), vegetables, leafy greens and green sprouts (such as microgreens)
  4. Free Foods: (don’t contain many macros but do contain nutrients) seaweeds (includes Irish sea moss, kelp noodles, sushi nori, arame, hijiki, etc.), leafy greens, green vegetables, celery and celery juice


foods high in lectins, and food that keeps us out of ketosis: all grains, corn, beans, peppers (bell included), eggplants, and tomatoes (some tomatoes in moderation can be okay), white potatoes, processed foods (90% dark chocolate is okay), high sugar fruits such as everything except berries, lemons and limes.

Benefits Of Ketosis:

1. Boosted Brain Power: When you are burning fat/ketones for energy, you can think more clearly and for more extended periods of time
2. More patience: Your mood stabilizes, and you don’t get sugar drops since you aren’t consuming carbohydrates for energy anymore
3. Stable hunger.:You don’t get Hangry when your stomach is empty because your body goes to your fat stores instead of screaming for more dopamine inducing sugar/carbs
4. Weight Loss: Since you are burning fat for energy, your body will use your reserves while you are sleeping.
5. Better Sleep: When you are not eating sugars or eating late at night (because you are not “starving” and you have plenty of fat to eat), you sleep better and more soundly. Plus you are not waking up with hot flashes or night sweats because your hormones are now in balance.
6. Balanced Hormones: Being in a ketogenic state can make a big difference in your overall hormone health. Our hormones need fat to function properly, and now you will be providing your body with all the fat it needs.

Here is a 1-day Sample Menu for a Keto Vegan Plant-Based Diet based on 40 grams of carbohydrates (this is one of my typical eating days)

Start your day with a Pure Joy Perfect KETO Coffee or Tea.

Breakfast: 5 Ingredient Chia Porridge. Add cacao nibs, cinnamon, maca, and any other sweet spices you would like. A dash of stevia or monk fruit for sweetness but the sooner you stop adding sweetness to your food, the sooner you will adapt to a sugar-free way of eating. Or have a Keto Love Power Smoothie (this recipe is provided in seasonal Love Camp Program)
Lunch: Marinated Zucchini and kelp noodles with hemp seed pesto sauce topped with ½ avocado

Dinner: Big green salad with ½ a small tomato, ½ an avocado, sprouts, steamed Brussels sprouts and broccoli with sautéed onions and garlic in coconut oil and topped with our sun-dried tomato coconut-tahini curry sauce. Sprinkle with chopped almonds or hemp seeds.
Optional: 1 Coconut Wrap
Snacks: A handful of sprouted, dehydrated almonds or walnuts

Entire days’ Macros: This fits well within the KETO range
Protein: 37 g
Fat: 120 g
Carbs: 40.1 g

Note: Everyone’s experience of ketogenic is different. Your range of fats and carbs may vary. The way you will know you are in ketosis is to buy a ketone meter and test your blood. Wait at least 2 weeks before doing this so you don’t waste the strips which can be expensive). The other way you will know is if you start feeling more balanced and more energetic and you stop craving sugar. You may also notice you aren’t bloating after meals and your pants are a tad bit looser.

So, How Can You Start A Keto Vegan Plant-Based Diet?

Here are some types to help you start to increase your level of ketosis and get you into fat burning mode (from most to least important):

  1. Restrict carbohydrates to 20 digestible grams per day or less – a strict low-carb diet. Fiber does not have to be restricted; it might even be beneficial.
  2. Restrict protein to moderate levels. If possible stay at or below 1 gram of protein per day, per kg of body weight. So about 70 grams of protein per day if you weigh 70 kilos (154 pounds). It might be beneficial to lower protein intake even more, especially when overweight, and then aim for 1 gram of protein per kg of desired weight. The most common mistake that stops people from reaching optimal ketosis is too much protein.
  3. Eat enough fat to feel satisfied. Fat is the most significant factor in a ketogenic diet and starvation, that also results in ketosis. A ketogenic diet is sustainable. Deprivation is not.
    Avoid snacking when not hungry. Unnecessary snacking reduces weight loss and decreases ketosis.
  4. If necessary, add in intermittent fasting 2 days a week. Sustain from eating or drinking anything for 16 hours and having an eating window of 8 hours. Intermittent Fasting is very effective at boosting ketone levels, as well as accelerating weight loss and reversing type 2 diabetes.

Enjoy exploring the Keto Vegan Plant-Based Diet! Reach out to me on Facebook or comment below if you have comments or questions.

If you are interested in following a one-month plan and getting weekly meal plans, macro counts and recipes, register for our Plant-Based KETO Lovecamp! We start January 9th, just in time to recharge your health routine!

With love,


Which Type Of Cleanse Is Right For You?

What type of fasting protocol should you do? Whichever way you choose will give your health a big boost, increase your longevity and energy, improve your memory and help you access more joy.

Here are some ways to improve your life through fasting and cleansing:

  1. 24-36 hour fast on only water, one or two days a week (Sun and Wed)
  2. 12-18 hour daily intermittent fast on only water
  3. 3-day green juice fast on only green juice, water and herbal tea
  4. 7-day liquid fast on juices, smoothies, and broths, while taking liver supporting supplements.

After doing self-guided cleanses, long fasts and liver flushes during the past 20 years, I can confidently say that cleanses are a key to accessing Pure Joy in your life. My first introduction to cleansing was in 1997 when I did a month-long intestinal cleanse, eliminating one more meal a day every week by the 4th week, I fasted on only psyllium shakes, green juice and supplements. It was intense, to say the least, but after that last week of fasting, I noticed my digestion was amazing, my period returned, my confidence boosted, my mind sharpened, and my body shrunk. I felt so good fasting that I started fasting on just green juice one day a week for many years following. It was because of that first fast that my business was named “Pure Joy”. Over time, I’ve experimented with dry fasting for 18 hours and longer, water fasting for seven days, juice fasting for 90 days, and I’ve completed over 40 liver flushes to date. I am telling you this because I want you to know that I am not just quoting something from the internet. I have a first-hand experience of the power of fasting and cleansing. When I am on a cleanse or fast or coming off of one, it’s the best I feel in my life. No joke! Of course, it’s not always comfortable, but the euphoria, clarity, and joy that surge through my newly cleansed cells makes it all worth it. My favorite way to fast at the moment is either a 7-day liver cleanse or 2 days a week (Sunday and Wednesday) of fasting on green juice.

liver flush cleanse

Numerous scientific studies are now showing that people who fast on a regular basis (at least 24 hours 1-2 days a week while consuming only liquids equaling less than 500 calories in a day) experience lowering of the Insulin-like growth hormone (IGH1). A decrease in IGH1 in adults has been directly tied to longer life, lower insulin levels, regular blood pressure, lowered heart disease, decreased cancer risk, and less disease in general. Also mentioned in many studies is that the cleansers had an increased sense of well-being and happiness, better social interactions, better memory, more self-confidence and increased motivation.

If you are ready and motivated to embark on a fast or cleanse, that’s great news! You will love how good you feel once you get the hang of it. Especially once you get through the tough parts which usually involve some hunger pains and detox side effects like headaches, lethargy, and grumpiness. Those symptoms only come up when your body is overtaxed with the toxins releasing from the body, and they tend to pass as quickly as they came. Just take a moment to drink some water with ¼ tsp. of Himalayan salt (flush the toxins out), take a 5-minute lie down, drink a green juice, take a sauna, hot bath or sweat somehow and lastly get a colonic or do an enema. These will all help your fast or cleanse go much smoother. Just like most things in life, the more you fast and cleanse the easier and more habitual it becomes. Take a moment to look at your calendar and plan a day for your first 24 hour fast. Some people like to stay busy while fasting, but it can also be good to have a down day where you can meditate and write in your journal while reflecting on what you are grateful for.

The first liver flush I ever did was not my best one. I had no one to check in with for support and didn’t know what I was doing. I followed the written instructions but felt unsure, and I didn’t know if I was doing it right. All the cleanses I’ve done went fine, meaning nothing bad happened, and I felt so good after each cleanse that I continued to do them. But I was determined to find a more comfortable and graceful way. I slowly tweaked the protocols each time to add my supplements such as colon flushers and enzymes. These made the cleanse much more effective and painless because my body was more supported. After a couple of years of cleansing my colon and liver, I started helping others cleanse, and access the Pure Joy that I had found.

It has been a gratifying experience to see so many people cleanse their bodies and gain their health back while losing weight and feeling better than they have in years. I like to start people off with a liver flush (and this is still my cleanse of choice for myself) because the liver plays an integral part in our health and well-being, and is our first line of defense against toxins.

  • A healthy liver performs over 500+ functions. Here are just a few:
  • Secretes bile and bile salts needed for fat digestion (along with the gallbladder)
  • Metabolizes toxins so they can be excreted by the body
  • Keeps blood sugar in balance
  • Liver cells break down fatty acids which then generates ATP (energy)
  • Converts ammonia (left over from too many amino acids) into urea, which can then be excreted in the urine. (Ammonia is much more toxic than urea)
  • Ability to change and process hormones (thyroid converts T4 into active T3, estrogen, and aldosterone)
  • Detoxes drugs, medications, pesticides, glyphosate (from eating non-organic food), dangerous vaccine components, and environmental toxins
  • Stores and releases (when needed) glycogen, vitamin A, D, E, K (fat soluble), vitamin B12, copper, and iron.
  • Detoxes and filters everything that comes into the intestines and blood (the only organ that can do this)

Here are some benefits you can receive from cleansing your liver:

1. Weight Loss
The liver produces as much as a quart of bile per day, with about a quarter of this passing directly into the intestinal tract and the remainder being stored in the gallbladder. When the liver is clogged with stones and unprocessed bile salts, some people are only able to produce 1 cup of bile. Lower amounts of accessible bile dramatically reduce the digestion of fat. Once you cleanse your liver and gallbladder of stones and bile salts, the bile can flow freely and digest fats. When your digestion works well, you can lose weight more easily.

2. Immune System Support
Since the liver reduces toxins, it makes sense that a healthy liver is crucial to a robust immunity. Cleansing your liver can give your immune system a massive boost by clearing out unwanted debris and releasing undigested proteins from the basal membranes and cells.

3. Discourages Future Liver Stones
Liver stones, a product of an unhealthy diet, form because of too much cholesterol. The extra cholesterol makes bile harden into tiny stones that can block the liver and gallbladder; you could have hundreds of these affecting your liver’s ability to detox. When you cleanse, though, somewhere between 100 to 300 stones could be purged from your body through your colon.

4. Supports Whole Body Detox
Since the liver removes toxins, turning them into harmless byproducts, there are usually toxins in your liver. This is not a problem, but issues can start when too many toxins build up. That’s when you need to do a liver/gallbladder flush to get your liver working as efficiently as it should.

5. Boosts Energy
Some of the harmless byproducts the liver makes are nutrients the body will use.
When there is too much toxic build up, some of those nutrients just won’t make it back into the bloodstream. When that happens, your energy levels will likely drop, so liver cleansing will make you feel better because not only will you have all of your nutrients—but also all of your energy.

6. Increases Vitality
By cleansing your very own beautiful liver, you’re restoring it to peak efficiency. Reducing all that toxic buildup will make your skin look clearer, brighter and healthier. And since increasing bile production helps with fat breakdown, you’ll also tone your body easier and could even look and feel at least five years younger!

Here are some ways you can get started on a fast or cleanse:

Click photo for recipe

  1. Pick 1-2 day a week that you want to fast. I like Sundays and Wednesdays. For a 24 hour fast, eat dinner the night before (say Saturday night) and stop eating by 7 pm. Then on Sunday night, you can have dinner again, so you are only skipping two meals.
  2. Do a 3-day green juice fast. The best way to lose weight and renew your vitality quickly is to embark on three days of only water, herbal tea and green juice. Ideally, you would have days 2 and 3 fall on a weekend or on days you are not working.
  3. Do a week-long liver flush with guidance like this one
  4. Try intermittent fasting daily. Create a shorter eating window by stopping all food and drink consumption except for water by 7 pm. Then don’t consume anything again except water until 9 or 10 am the next day. This will be a 14 or 15 hour fast daily and your liver will have more time for repair and you will wake up feeling lighter and clearer.

Go on, give one a try. Any time of year is a great time to cleanse but doing it during fall and winter can help prevent cold and flu as phagocytosis increases with fasting which is the gobbling up of pathogens (aka bad guys) in the body.

Here’s to your renewed health and well-being, jump-starting weight loss, mental acuity and happiness year-round!

For support with a Guided Liver Flush click here.

Elaina Love

16 Ways to Access Pure Joy

Are you accessing Pure Joy on a daily (or hourly) basis?

happy baby

Did you know that Joy is your birthright?  The only thing that keeps us humans from experiencing it is because we are bogged down by toxins (either physical, emotional or spiritual).  Here are some ways I’ve found to get my daily dose of Pure Joy and to keep it coming forever…

  1. Fresh air– Find places where you can breathe clean air on a regular basis.  If you live somewhere that doesn’t have great air quality, then go on hikes, vacations or places you know you can breathe deep and fresh.  I find using an air purifier is a great way to clean the air in my house.  When I sleep with the window open in the mountains (as I am doing over the next 2 weeks) I  need only 6 hours sleep ( 2 hours less than “normal”) and wake up without an alarm at 6am feeling super refreshed!
  2. Fasting– Anywhere between 18 hours and 3 days is enough to notice changes.  We know through science that fasting regenerates cells and lowers IGF1 (a hormone which, in excess, accelerates aging and disease).  Choose an amount of time which works for you.  Even if you just fast on water from lunch one day to breakfast the next day by skipping only dinner you will get benefits.  The longer you fast, the cleaner your cells will get and the more you will reverse aging, weight gain and disease.  Be smart about coming off the fast by eating fresh, raw and high vibe foods.
  3. Dry fasting– See my other blog posts about DF.  In my opinion, DF is a miracle that could completely change the way the world views the healing process.  Here is a quote from Tonya Zavasta: “Inflammation can’t continue without water.  Tissues get swollen with water in places where infection is having a party.  Pathological bacteria and microbes love wet terrain.  A water shortage is, for them, as devastating as fire.  During any fast, dead or dying tissues will be expelled from the body.  A water fast simply takes much longer than a dry fast to accomplish this goal.  Dry fasting eliminates inflammation the same way a swamp is cleansed of mosquitoes andother insects when it dries up.  Microbes are annihilated.  The shortage of water is a cleansing drought that’s disastrous to the body’s enemies, such as nasty bacteria.  How much more effective is a dry fast?  Each day of dry fasting offers benefits roughly equal to three days of water fasting.  Bottom line: Dry fasting is a potent practice with many health and beauty benefits.  Says Russian doctor Sergey Filonov, who supervises dry fasts for many patients who come to his retreat, the dry fast is the most effective method of healing that nature can offer us.”
  4. Green Juice every day– Above all else, you’ve to to get your daily dose of alkalizing minerals through high enzyme, green juice!!!  I believe that quickest way to access Pure Joy is through alkalizing your body with dark, leafy greens.
  5. Beauty– Surround yourself with beautiful things such as views of mountains and nature.  Or just make your home a beautiful place to be.
  6. Meditation– Find an app such as Simply Being which help you to stay on track with any length of meditation time.  The benefits include everything going better in your day, pure joy, more synchronicities, confidence, less cravings, more peace in your life. Try it!
  7. Violet Flame– I decree every day the following: “I AM a being of Violet Fire, I AM the Purity God (or Source, or Creator) desires”.  This should be done in sets of 3, and you can keep going as long as you want until you feel it.  As I decree, I feel the energy rising in me and my joy and energy sky rocket within seconds of beginning.  This is one of my favorite spiritual practices.  I experience a palpable surge of joy when I Command, Insist and Demand that all energies other than those which serve the highest good be consumed by the Violet Flame.
  8. Music– Pick music that makes your heart sing.  I listen to Wade Morissette, Krishna Das, Snatam Kaur and other devotional music in the morning.  Then when I’m ready to get going, I switch to upbeat, dancy kinds of music such as Jason Mraz.  Music accompanies me throughout the day and contributes greatly to creating my own energy bubble of pure joy and blocks out negative thoughts and energies.
  9. Dance- Whenever and wherever you feel called.  I love to dance at home and to move my hips in a figure 8.  Unleash your goddess power women!  We can create life through our wombs, imagine the power that lies in just moving that energy field through time and space.  Try it and see how empowered you feel.  NOTE: When you are in public, don’t wait for someone to ask you to dance, if you love the song, be the first one on the dance floor and watch what happens.  You will be followed by a bunch of other people who were too afraid to be the first. Be an instigator!
  10. BE in service (“How can I serve?”) – Living your life purpose will create joy and well being in all aspects of your life (unless you forget to serve you first by taking care in all the ways I am laying out here).
  11. Chakra Balancing– Listen to my video
  12. Skin Brushing– Dry brushing every day will help you to feel amazing.  See e-book to get the instructions.
  13. Source Tapping (EFT)– Proven to completely destroy physical, energetic and mental imbalances as well as food cravings/addictions.  It can help manifest new things such as love, new living situations, etc. Tutorial by Meryl Hershey Beck.
  14. Positive Situations– There is no such thing as a victim, just victim thinking.  In every moment, I choose to surround myself with positive people or environments.  I set this intention daily when I am doing my decrees or meditating.  If I find myself in an uncomfortable situation, and If I am not able to free myself in the moment, I will look for the fastest way out (but perhaps not most graceful if the situation demands a quick exit) and clear my energy immediately upon reaching “safety”.  See #s 6,9,11 and 13 to help yourself reset.
  15. Don’t settle– Be clear about exactly what you choose to manifest and don’t settle for less than that.  When you declare that you deserve only what you ordered (not some watered down version) Source will provide you with that or better!  You can be amazing!
  16. Orderliness/cleanliness- Get your body, your things, your car and your house in order and your life will flow into perfect balance too.  Energy goes where energy flows so do what you can to make it beautiful!

Today is Intermittent Fasting day

Today is my intermittent fasting day. I fast 2x per week for 32-36 hours each time (or longer if I’m feeling like it). Sundays and Wednesdays are the best days for me. What have I noticed over the last 6 weeks of doing this? 1. I am getting very lean again, especially around my abs and waistline (yay!), 2. I am not as hungry on my fasting and non fasting days so I am eating less overall. 3. I feel happier and more energized all the time. It seems to me that the less I eat, the more energy I have. 4. I am choosing 90-100% raw foods most days as that’s all I am really craving now.

New to fasting? Here are some tips to get you started:
5 Tips for Staying on your fast

If you do give intermittent fasting a try, keep these general tips in mind: There are several kinds of IF. I do the all day fast but I include green juice so I’m getting maybe 100-200 calories a day. My juice consists of Organic: Celery, cucumbers, kale-chard-parsely-cilantro(pick 1), ginger (sometimes) and lots of fresh squeezed lemon juice. This should all be made fresh, not store-bought. See my video for more tips.

1. Drink plenty of water, tea or juice (even coffee black if you still drink coffee is okay in moderation…organic of course). The key to fasting is keeping your belly full of liquids when you feel those hunger pangs.

2. Think of yourself as taking a break or healing your body vs. depriving yourself. Think about how you are reversing the aging process and getting rid of unwanted yeast, mold and fungus as well as stored fat every time you fast. The more positively you think about what you are doing, the more motivated you will be.

3. Read! Get on the internet and research intermittent fasting. There are so many great sites, which will tell you all the benefits you are gaining and why IF (intermittent fasting) is so great!

4. Keep busy. If you are just sitting around thinking about food you are way less likely to stay on the fast. However, if you schedule a yoga class, a walk with friends or a trip out shopping, you will be less likely to go to the fridge for a fix.

5. Enjoy yourself! Think positive thoughts, pamper yourself with a home facial or a sauna or hot bath. Relax and take great care of your beautiful, precious Billion Dollar Body!

Intermittent Fasting (IF) and how it compares to other fasts

Why Intermittent Fasting?
According to recent research, there have been tests on mice and on humans which show that Intermittent Fasting (IF) reduced IGF-1 which is a human growth hormone that is needed when we are growing children, but after the age of 40 (or possibly younger), it can actually cause, premature death, aging and cancer. Watch this movie to get the whole story on how to look and feel younger and healthier.

A brief history on my fasting history:
I have been practicing a clean, plant based diet since 1997, and Intermittent fasting has been a big part of my healthy lifestyle. The first fast I ever did was my when I did an Arise and Shine Intestinal Cleanse in 1997. Back then I had no idea what I was really doing, I just followed the instructions that came in the box. Needless to say I do not look back on that cleanse with fondness as I went in blind and had no guidance (other than the book). In 1997 there was no google, no place to research these types of things or to get any kind of support online. Because of my first experience without support, it is my intention to help and support others as much as I possibly can, and to make your journey easier as you cleanse and fast your way to a healthier, leaner and more joyful life. After my first fast, I continued to do cleanses and fasts over the years always with trial and error, sometimes with great success and always glad in the end that I went through the darkness to come out into the light again. Long term fasting is not really my favorite thing to do, however I greatly enjoy the benefits. The first benefit I notice right away after a day or week of fasting is how light I feel. I also feel more energized, clearer minded and I usually need less sleep. Now this is not to say I have not had my awful fasts where I wanted to eat so bad and everything in my body seemed to ache. One time in Thailand I was doing a water fast for 10 days on my own, and I ached so bad I that I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t walk without feeling pain in every joint. I just laid in bed, hoping to feel better soon or that maybe I would have an epiphany or spiritual awakening of some sort. Well it seems with fasting you don’t always get what you want, but you always get what you need most. In that instance in Thailand I never got to that spiritual place I had so wanted to be at, in fact I felt very negative about everything. It wasn’t until I ended the fast and began eating again that I felt that flood of good feelings come into me. Even with all the pain, looking back, I’m so glad I had that experience and I know my body is the better for it. I tell you all of this not to discourage you, but to tell you that fasting is “The Hero’s Journey”.  Which mean, you will venture forth to improve your life, and all kinds of obstacles may come your way. The Hero will keep going no matter the difficulties.

My favorite kind of fast:
That was my long term fasting experience. My experience with  Intermittent fasting (IF) has been very different, it has, in fact, been delightful. After all of these long water and juice fasts (my longest juice fast was 84 days) I discovered IF and now have a better routine around fasting. There are several ways you can do IF. The first way is to only eat in a 5 or 8 hour window daily, and fast the rest of the time every day, always. Brad Pilon made this type of fasting popular and I consider him the expert on it.  The other type of IF, is the kind I like to practice, which is fasting on only water, tea or small amounts of green vegetable juice for 24-36 hours 1-2 times per week (2 times is ideal) and eating a normal diet the rest of the week (whatever that means to you).

What I consume:
Some people who are blogging about IF say that you can pig out on the off days and still lose weight and get all the health benefits. Honestly, I feel if I am going to go to the trouble to fast, then on my off days I am still going eat the best possible diet I can, which for me is a high raw, plant based diet (80% or more). My nephew Christopher and I are now fasting every Sunday and Wednesday. We love having the support of each other as it motivates us to keep going since we live together. Yesterday was our Sunday fast. I had about 16oz. of green juice (Cucumber, celery, kale, lemon and ginger) for the whole day plus one cup of tea. I didn’t drink much water because I’m also and advocate of dry fasting so I feel the less liquid I consume on a fasting day, the better. See my blog on dry fasting for more info. I fasted for 32 hours (a night, a day and another night). It’s easier when the last 8 hours are during sleep time. I woke up bright and perky at 6am and felt energetic and excited to start my day even though no food had passed my lips for 32 hours.  I did my regular meditation and then proceeded to go to the kitchen. Christopher and I had an 8am weight lifting workout in which we walk to the gym planned so I thought I might eat or drink something before going, but all I wanted was to drink more green juice. It wasn’t until after the 1 1/2 hour workout that I was ready for my superfood smoothie around 9:30. Then around 1:30 I had a light green salad with some avocado and salsa for dressing. I’m trying to stay light because I have the most amount of energy when I only eat enough to just stop the hunger. Tonight I’ll have another salad with more avocado and perhaps some cooked beans or steamed veggies with it. I like to use coconut oil as my fat on top of my steamed veggies and then some Himalayan salt, and perhaps some sautéed garlic or onion powder and cayenne. It’s delicious and adds so much to my salads. Today is one of the most productive days I’ve had in a long time. I’m so excited about how great I feel after only one day of fasting at a time, then eating for 2 or 3 days then fasting for a day again, as opposed to when I used to do 3 or 5 days at a time without a break. During the longer fasts my energy usually tanks on day 2 and I feel pretty ineffective in getting anything done other than laying around.

Try it:
I hope you decide to try it out for yourself. Remember that the more you do it the easier it gets and the more benefits you will receive. After the first 1-day fast you may not feel much different but after fasting 2x a week for an extended period, you should really start feeling great! And the best part is, you are helping reduce your chance of getting cancer and other diseases as well as getting younger biologically!

Here is a link about IGF-1

Here is a link to the one-hour long feature documentary on the benefits of intermittent fasting: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xvdbtt_eat-fast-live-longer-hd_shortfilms